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Get Well Soon Flowers That Can Lift Your Spirit

Choosing the right get well soon flowers can often be challenging, or it can be the easiest thing in the world. However, if you truly want to lift someone’s spirits when they’re unwell, you might want to do more than pop to your local supermarket and pick up the first bouquet you get your hands on. Here are some top tips for picking the right flowers.

Brighter is better

This might seem obvious, but get well soon flowers should be as bright as possible. Colourful plants have an amazing impact on the spirit, which is possibly most important when someone isn’t well. It’s fair to say that most plants are colourful, but avoid too much white, or arrangements with too much foliage.

Try to avoid scented arrangements

While scented flowers have their own range of benefits, this might not always be the best choice. For example, you might enjoy the scent of the flowers you’re taking to someone in hospital, but they might not after sitting near them for days on end! Choose plants that favour appearance over scent, such as daffodils, daisies, or irises.

Decide where they’re being sent

Working out where you’re going to be sending your flowers will impact what you choose. For example, if you’re sending them to someone at home, then a living plant might be better than a bouquet. On the other hand, if they’re going to someone in hospital then an arrangement will be better, providing they’re not scented.

Don’t underestimate the benefit of plants

There’s a reason flowers are so popular: they really do lift the spirit. Obviously this isn’t a substitute for actual medicine, but don’t overlook the boost a nice flower arrangement can give someone who’s unwell. If you want to truly give them that boost, choose an arrangement of their favourite gifts. Alternatively, customise the bouquet with a nice card, or even something simple like a crossword book to keep them entertained.

Go for plants that’ll last longer

If you’re choosing get well soon flowers for someone in hospital then it’s a good idea to choose varieties that’ll last longer than a few days. Some great examples are carnations, roses, or chrysanthemums, all of which can last a good few weeks if looked after properly. After all, you want the recipient to enjoy the gift for as long as possible. An alternative to this, as ever, is to simply buy a living plant (such as an orchid), as this will give them something to remember you by for months to come.


When it comes to get well soon flowers, much of the gesture is in choosing the right varieties. This is the difference between a gesture and a thoughtful gesture. Choosing the right kinds of flowers will give the recipient a much-needed boost and will give them something to appreciate while they’re unwell. When choosing flowers, never underestimate how helpful lifting the spirits can be.

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Cooking With Flowers

Flowers have been used in cooking for thousands of years. The choice of flowers varies massively depending on where in the world the recipe comes from. Although it would be impossible to list all the different edible flowers recipes, here are some of the most popular to help get you started on the topic. Do you need some fresh cut flowers for a gift?

Cooking with Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is a widely known treat that people either hate or love. It’s incredibly sweet and its main ingredient is rosewater. So if you choose to make this at home you technically won’t be cooking with flowers, but it’s definitely one of the most famous edible flowers recipes.

Cooking with Rosehip Syrup

Rosehip syrup is a great edible flowers recipe, and is really easy to make. Rosehips are ready to pick around a week after the first frost, and make a tasty syrup with 20 times the amount of vitamin C as oranges! It keeps for months, or years if stored properly, and is perfect in a gin and tonic.

Cooking with Courgette Flowers

Another widely popular ingredient in edible flowers recipes are courgette flowers. They can be prepared in a few different ways, but are often stuffed, battered, and fried. Courgette flowers have a delicate flavour and make excellent little parcels.

Cooking with Camomile

Camomile has long been used as an ingredient in tea, but there are a range of popular edible flowers recipes that contain them. It’s also particularly nice in ice cream, with the texture and temperature working very well with its distinctive flavour. It has a range of health benefits and is inexpensive to buy from health shops.

Cooking with Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums aren’t necessarily an ingredient you’d cook with, but they certainly deserve a place on this list of edible flowers recipes. You can use the leaves in salads, but it’s best to only pick the young ones because the bigger ones are bitter. The flowers make a great garnish for salads, and have a slightly sweet yet mellow taste. Pick them in the morning for the best taste.

Cooking with Elderflowers

Elderflowers are one the best flowers to cook with, and there are a great number of edible flowers recipes with them in. The most well known is as a cordial, but elderflowers are also tasty in ice cream, pickle, pancakes, and much more. They’re a summertime treat that’s really easy to find in hedgerows, so why not go out and pick your own?

Cooking with Pansies and violets

These are popular edible flowers, and are often used as decorations on cakes. Plenty of edible flowers recipes call for them to be candied, which helps preserve their colour and delicate flavour. Have a go at candying your own next time you make a cake.

There are hundreds of edible flowers recipes. These are some of the best if you’re looking to get started in the kitchen. Just make sure that any flowers you use are fresh and clean, as there’s every chance they will have been sprayed during growing. Edible flowers are generally quite easy to buy in supermarkets and specialist shops.

The Beauty of Dried Flowers

Although they didn’t invent the idea of dry flower decorations, the Victorians loved them. Along with their revival of arts and crafts, they went mad for dry flower decorations. While some people might consider them to be slightly out-dated, you can do a lot with some dried flowers, and they’re beautiful in their own right. Here are some of the best ideas for dry flower decorations.

1. Frame them

Flower pressing is an incredibly old hobby, and involves you drying flowers inside a book or other heavy flat object. Leaving them in there for several weeks will preserve the flower perfectly and make it nice and flat, which is perfect for framing. Give them as gifts, or press different flowers to commemorate different life events. Whatever reason you choose, dried flowers are one of the nicest and most delicate looking dry flower decorations.

2. Make a bouquet

This might seem like a simple option, but dry flower bouquets can have a real impact, and give a completely different feel to fresh bouquets. You can dry fresh, healthy flowers by hanging in a dark, well-ventilated room for a few weeks. Dry flower decorations offer a completely different colour palette, and you’ll have a great time trying new combinations that wouldn’t work when the flowers were fresh.

3. Use them as air fresheners

A great choice for dry flower decorations is to double them as air fresheners. Before we had plug-ins, this is what people used to do. Obviously you need to choose a flower with a powerful scent, such as lavender, and then dry it in the way mentioned above. Once the lavender is dry, strip the flowers off the stems and put into a small bag. Muslin is best for this because the scent needs to escape. Hang this in your wardrobe and you’ll have lovely scented clothes for months.

4. Expand your flower arranging options

One of the best ways to use dry flower decorations is to combine them with fresh ones. For example, things like thistle, reeds, and grasses look much nicer when dried, and will last much longer. What’s more, these make a great addition to fresh flower bouquets, particularly if you’re going for a country meadow theme. The combination of fresh and dry creates interest and texture, and elevates even the most humble and uninteresting petrol station bouquet. As mentioned above, dried flowers also give you different colours to play with, and these can work really well against the vibrant hues of fresh flowers.

Dry flower decorations might seem like a thing of the past, but you can do plenty with them. Although they’re more delicate, you have greater versatility with dried flowers, and obviously they’ll last much longer. This means you can make more permanent displays and don’t have to worry about them looking sorry for themselves after a few weeks. Also, dried flowers are great fun, so get in touch with your Victorian self and see what you can come up with!

Key Flowers in History

Flowers have had a wide range of different cultural meanings for thousands of years. More interestingly, they’ve had different meanings within the same cultures. Here are some historical facts about flowers that show just how long and varied their use in culture has been.

General historical flowers Facts
  • Archaeologists have found evidence of flowers being used in prehistoric burial rituals, which really shows how long they’ve been used by people. The most definitive evidence came from a Neanderthal gravesite in Iraq, which contained fossilised flower pollen, and indicates that they were an important part of society.
  • The Greeks loved flowers, with one of their favourites being carnations. They used carnations in crowns, and the flower’s name either comes from the colour (carnis) or their role in ceremonies that celebrated deities (incarnation).
  • Daisies are thought to have been used by humans for over 4 millennia. Golden hairpins in the same of daisies were found in a Minoan palace, and there have been plenty of Egyptian pots painted with daisies.
English flowers History

There’s no way we could list historical facts about flowers without covering some of the most important English flowers, namely the rose.

  • One of the most famous wars in English history is the War of the Roses, which lasted from 1455 to 1487. The war was fought between the Houses of Lancaster and York, both of which used roses as their symbol. They descended from the same line, hence the shared symbol (and the war itself). The Tudors, who eventually won, combined the two roses to form their own house symbol.
  • In Victorian times, society developed the “language” of flowers that we know today (their social meanings and correct occasions for wear). It became so important that perfumes were used to send messages about things like your marital status, family, and wealth.
European flowers History

There are plenty of historical facts about flowers from all over the world, but some of the best come from Europe.

  • The Romans received roses from the Greeks, and the flower was so popular that the streets were lined with them during important festivals.
  • Leo IX, a pope in the late 11th century, send golden roses to monarchs as a symbol of his approval.
  • Lilies are a widely recognised symbol in Europe, and are closely associated with the Bible. The Virgin Mary is often referred to as a lily, and they symbolise fertility, chastity, and virtue.
  • Holly bushes were an ancient pagan symbol, and became a way of warding off evil spirits, and as a defence against witchcraft. A sprig of holly is used as a symbol of peace in the Middle English romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, one of the most famous medieval poems.

Flowers have enjoyed a long and varied use in culture, and there are more historical facts about flowers than can be written in one article. However, if you’re interested in the history of flowers, there’s been plenty of research on the subject, so have fun looking it up!

Why You Need Wedding flowers

Having flowers at your wedding is one of the oldest traditions associated with the ceremony. Wedding flowers have been used for millennia, usually because they had different meanings, many of which were intended to bring you luck and fortune in your new life. But why are wedding flowers important in the modern age?

They brighten up things

Wedding flowers are an excellent way to bring in colour, and they allow you to be much more daring than you would usually. Many people opt for simple colour schemes for a wedding, much of which will be white or cream, but flowers allow you to bring in pretty much any colour you can think of. Not only that, but they help to add texture, which makes things much more interesting and interactive.

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They add interest

Wedding flowers are also a great way to create interest, and properly set the mood for your big day. A big bouquet of lilies can create an air of elegance, and roses can help to add to the romance. Large centrepieces can also be a talking point as people sit down to their meals, and they’ll be sure to bring in plenty of compliments.

They help to tie things together

One of the best uses of wedding flowers is to tie designs and schemes together. Similarly to how they can create interest and add colour, you can also use these factors to tie things together. For example, your bridesmaids might have one colour dress, and your groomsmen might have a completely different colour scheme. Choosing the right flowers will draw these into unison, and help create a sense of cohesion.

Everyone loves flowers

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This might seem like an obvious point, but everyone loves flowers, and they love flowers even more. Just as flowers can physically brighten up a room, they can also help to lift the mood (which hopefully you won’t need on your wedding day). However, there’s no harm in using wedding flowers to lift the mood and get people excited for the day’s events.

Flowers do still hold their meanings

Getting married with wedding flowers

Wedding flowers still hold a lot of meaning, even if people don’t stick to them as rigidly as they used to in the past. There are plenty of guides available about the full meaning of wedding flowers, so it’s worth looking into these before you decide which will be right for your ceremony. Even if your guests don’t know the exact meaning of these flowers, much of this meaning exists in the cultural mind, and so they’ll get the idea.

Flowers are one of the most important things to bring to your big day, and make all the difference to the atmosphere. Choosing the right wedding flowers can be a difficult decision, but make sure you put plenty of thought into it. After all, this will be your big day, so everything needs to be perfect! Whichever you choose, make sure they suit your colour scheme and mood, and then wait for the compliments to roll in.

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How to Find the Best Wildflowers

Going to a florist and buying a bouquet of flowers is one thing, but it doesn’t even come close to the act of going out and picking your own wildflowers. However, it’s not always as easy as leaving the house and finding some flowers, so here is some information on how to find the best wildflowers.

Find a large open space

While this might not be particularly easy if you live in a city, the first rule of finding wildflowers is to get out into the wild! National Parks are a good place to start, as are forests in general. The most important thing to remember is that not all wildflowers are actually wild, so make sure you’re allowed to pick them before you start. Also, make sure you pick with respect both to the plant and environment, and never take any more than you need.

Know your seasons

What type of wildflowers are you looking for? Does this matter, or do you just want to pick some flowers? Make sure you do research first to confirm the flowers you want are actually going to be around. For example, if you want daffodils, don’t go flower hunting in July. Being in tune with seasonal changes to wildlife is the best place to start, and is fun too.

Have an idea of geography

As a general rule, south facing slopes in good sun are ideal spots to find wildflowers, so be on the lookout for these. This isn’t always the case however, and some species prefer shade or partial sun. Again, research is the key, and having a good knowledge base of species will help you know where to look.

Try to go out after a spell of rain

This is hardly a challenge in this country, but logically there will be more flowers out if it’s been raining. This is especially true in spring, when some of the nicest wildflowers come out. A good spring shower can turn a desolate area into a forest of bloom in a matter of days.

Get some kind of field guide

Having a species book of wildflowers is an excellent tool, because not only will it tell you the best times to see them, it’ll tell you the best places to look. This obviously doesn’t need to be a physical book, as most of this information is easily found online, but always have a resource handy for identification and exploration.

Finding the best wildflowers really isn’t difficult, and mostly comes down to a bit of savvy exploring. The most important thing to remember is to treat wildlife with respect, whether this is the wildflowers you’re searching for, or the area you find them in. Make every effort to leave little impact on the area, and always try to cut flowers with scissors rather than tearing them up. This will ensure the plant stays reasonably healthy, and increase the chances of it coming back next year.

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Interesting Facts About Flowers

Flowers have held a special place in society for thousands of years. Over time flowers have built up a range of meanings and associations. Some facts about flowers might seem strange to us, but they’ve meant many things to many cultures.

Here are some interesting facts about flowers.
Interesting Facts About Tulips
  • Tulips have long been associated with Holland. At one point tulips were worth more than gold.
  • Red tulips represent love, purple stands for loyalty, but white tulips are often used as a symbol of apology.
  • You can eat tulip petals, and they have the taste of onions or garlic.
  • Tulips only flower for about a week before dying off, but can last a bit longer if cut early and kept in fertilized water.
Interesting Facts About Lilies
  • Lilies are one of the best-known flowers. lilies hold different meanings for different cultures. In Christianity, they represent the Virgin Mary, and therefore symbolise chastity and purity, whereas in Chinese culture they stand for good luck and fortune.
  • White lilies are the only ones that have a scent, and it’s very distinctive.
  • They are known to be very toxic to cats, so keep them out of your garden if you have a feline friend.
  • Lily bulbs can be edible, but only certain species. They’re considered a delicacy in many Asian cultures, but don’t go eating just any Lily bulb. If you do want to try eating them, make sure you source the right variety.
Interesting Facts About Chrysanthemums
  • These came from Chinese culture and were first documented in writing over 2000 years ago.
  • There are many different kinds of Chrysanthemum. The flowers can range from 1cm to 25cm in diameter, and come in a range of different styles.
  • Many look similar to daisies. But other varieties look like pom-poms.
  • Each flower is actually made up many individual flowers. This makes them composites. Another good example is the Sunflower.
  • Chrysanthemums symbolize both happiness and death. Depending on where you are in the world. Many countries in Europe use them in funeral bouquets. in the USA they’re seen as a symbol of positivity.
Interesting Facts About Heather

Although many might not consider heather to be a standard choice. There are plenty of facts about flowers such as heather.

  • Native to many northern European countries. Heather is a crucial source of food for many native species.
  • Heather is increasing in popularity in flower bouquets. They make a perfect addition to many standard arrangements, particularly as a filler.
  • Heather is often used for flavouring food including beer. It is popularly used as a source of honey. It actually imparts a very distinctive taste on the honey.

When it comes to facts about flowers, there are as many as there are species. While this article couldn’t cover them all, it has aimed to provide interesting facts about flowers that you would commonly find in flower arrangements.

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Choosing Flowers for your First Date

Bringing flowers on your first date can be a nice touch that shows thoughtfulness and care, and after all, who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Choosing first date flowers can actually be quite hard, especially because the “traditional” choice of roses has probably become far too cliché. This article gives you some information on how to choose first date flowers.

Choose your date’s favourite flowers

It might be a bit late to suggest this if you’re shortly heading out on your first date, but see if you can find out your date’s favourite flower. You can drop this into conversation at any time, but make it subtle. Surprising them with a bouquet containing their favourite flowers will show you listen, and that you’re very thoughtful.

Go seasonal

Getting a bouquet of seasonal flowers can be a really nice touch to a first date. If you’re unsure about which are the best seasonal flowers, speak to a local florist to see what they suggest. This will obviously be much easier in the summer, but even in late winter, you can still choose from nice flowers such as crocuses, daffodils, and even pansies. Seasonal first date flowers show that you’ve put more thought into the gesture than simply choosing the first bouquet you stumble across.

Pick your own

This option might not be open to everyone, but it’s another great way to show you’ve gone that extra mile. Be careful to only pick flowers that can be considered wild, or ones from your own garden, because the last thing you want is to get in trouble for ruining someone’s front garden. Picking your own first date flowers will also help you to think outside the box in terms of colour scheme, and will give you the opportunity to choose some more unusual items, such as heather.

Buy a potted plant instead of a bouquet

If you consider the whole idea of first date flowers to be a bit tired, why not swap them for a live, potted plant? Orchids are a great choice, and are quite easy to buy. You’ll probably find yourself spending about the same amount of money, and it’ll again show that you’re quite thoughtful. Plus, as nice as a bouquet looks, they will wilt at some point, whereas hopefully, a potted plant will have a longer lifespan. First date flowers can mean more than a bunch of roses, so think outside the box a little bit to impress your date.

Choosing the right flowers for your first date doesn’t need to be that hard. It can be a fun opportunity to arrange your own bouquet, and considering you’re probably looking for any chance to impress, this can be a great way to score points early. First date flowers are a timeless tradition, so mix things up a bit by giving your date something different to what they expect. And you never know, a good bouquet of first date flowers could be enough to seal the deal.

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What Christmas Flowers to Choose For Someone Special?

Jingle Bell jingle bell jingle all the way! Yes, one of the most awaited and celebrated seasons of the year is Christmas. There comes many ideas in mind such as gifts, trees, Christmas Flowers, Santa Claus, and of course, a lot of delicious foods to celebrate the most beautiful occasion.

So, if you are planning to send a fascinating gift to your loved ones, especially flowers, then you can visit our official website. We are the London Based Florists which offer a variety of refreshing, eye-catching and heart melting flowers for special occasions.

So, continue reading this article to know what Christmas flowers to choose on this occasion and get ready the bouquet now.

What Christmas flowers do you need to consider for Christmas Gifts?

Are you looking for the most affordable florists in London for Christmas flowers? Then surely, you have come to the right place. We have a bundle of options available to choose from. We are offering you online service to provide convenience, especially for this beautiful sacred day.

No doubt, flowers are considered as the most idealist gift for Christmas. You can order flowers to gift them to someone extraordinary.

  1.  Poinsettia

Are you looking to present something unusual? Poinsettia could be the right choice! These flowers indeed represent Christmas with its vibrant and vivacious colour. You can select this perfect gift for the Christmas occasion. However, the best thing is these can be available in a lot of different colours to make the event even livelier. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Roses

Zero question when it comes to roses. All-time in and most loving kind of flower types. Roses, on any occasion, can make the joy double. No one can deny the fact that roses are and will always be at the top on the list. A beautiful bouquet of roses can be helpful to express the feelings of love to loved ones.

  1. Amaryllis

Another in our list is Amaryllis! One of the most beautiful collections of flowers. This type is most wanted to create a tall flower arrangement. The reason is it comes in different eye-catching colours that offers an effervescent and bubbly environment for the most delightful Christmas season.

  1. Gerbera

Another fantastic collection of flowers is Gerbera Daisy flowers. It offers incredible colours to bring the happiness of this beautiful occasion. Surely, Gerbera Daisy is the flowers that spread this wonderful holiday cheer. These flowers are bold and beautiful and offer amazing refreshing look to any table.

  1. Oriental Lilies

Oriental Liles offer the calmest feel when representing to someone special. These flowers indeed are a good option when running short of time for flower arrangements. These are helpful in creating a substantial impact on anyone at first sight.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best flowers for Christmas and present them to someone special and close to your heart. You can buy a variety of Christmas flowers at the minimum cost.

We hope to see you soon! Merry Christmas

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Flowers for Every Occasion – Getting the Best Flowers in London

When you can’t express your deepest feelings through words, you think of using flowers. Mesmerising colours of nature are on every little bud, every little petal, stem, and leaf of a flower. The innocence it sheds and the absolute feeling of wholesomeness are a few reasons for the people to pick a flower when they wish to gift anyone. As gifts, flowers in London are great for giving, and this will remain constant even in the modern days of complete materialism.

Occasions to gift flowers in London

At almost every other occasion, a person can buy a flower, a hand-tied bouquet and present it to anyone. Whether the occasion is the birth of a child, a wedding, or even a time of success, flowers say it all.

Today, in London, there are a few prime florists with a keen knowledge of flowers and an art of working with them. They will not just help you in picking the best flowers for the occasion but also arrange them and deliver at the right time.

Only top florists have their own nurseries, from where they pick the finest flowers in London to suit the occasion. Brides might prefer a specific flower like Daffodils, or petunias, or even some wild orchids of specific colours. They might wish to carry these bouquets as they walk down the aisle. Flowers like hydrangea and carnations are ideal for home decoration on a summer party theme.

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What Makes the Flower Decorations so Special?

Flowers have a power to melt even the toughest hearts and so, they are one of the best creations for mankind. Their presence in any event decoration adds a personal touch and makes it all the more humane. Funerals too will see people paying their last tributes to their departed friends or family members with flowers.

Subtle in form, the flower decorations even in a living room or lobby of a home or business respectively add a feeling of warmth to the room overall.

Ordering Flowers in London with Ease

Florists across London have channels to aid them in sending flowers of choice across the city. Sending flowers to London is just effortless and a definite way to reach the heart of a person concerned.

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