Going to a florist and buying a bouquet of flowers is one thing, but it doesn’t even come close to the act of going out and picking your own wildflowers. However, it’s not always as easy as leaving the house and finding some flowers, so here is some information on how to find the best wildflowers.

Find a large open space

While this might not be particularly easy if you live in a city, the first rule of finding wildflowers is to get out into the wild! National Parks are a good place to start, as are forests in general. The most important thing to remember is that not all wildflowers are actually wild, so make sure you’re allowed to pick them before you start. Also, make sure you pick with respect both to the plant and environment, and never take any more than you need.

Know your seasons

What type of wildflowers are you looking for? Does this matter, or do you just want to pick some flowers? Make sure you do research first to confirm the flowers you want are actually going to be around. For example, if you want daffodils, don’t go flower hunting in July. Being in tune with seasonal changes to wildlife is the best place to start, and is fun too.

Have an idea of geography

As a general rule, south facing slopes in good sun are ideal spots to find wildflowers, so be on the lookout for these. This isn’t always the case however, and some species prefer shade or partial sun. Again, research is the key, and having a good knowledge base of species will help you know where to look.

Try to go out after a spell of rain

This is hardly a challenge in this country, but logically there will be more flowers out if it’s been raining. This is especially true in spring, when some of the nicest wildflowers come out. A good spring shower can turn a desolate area into a forest of bloom in a matter of days.

Get some kind of field guide

Having a species book of wildflowers is an excellent tool, because not only will it tell you the best times to see them, it’ll tell you the best places to look. This obviously doesn’t need to be a physical book, as most of this information is easily found online, but always have a resource handy for identification and exploration.

Finding the best wildflowers really isn’t difficult, and mostly comes down to a bit of savvy exploring. The most important thing to remember is to treat wildlife with respect, whether this is the wildflowers you’re searching for, or the area you find them in. Make every effort to leave little impact on the area, and always try to cut flowers with scissors rather than tearing them up. This will ensure the plant stays reasonably healthy, and increase the chances of it coming back next year.

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