Flowers have held a special place in society for thousands of years. Over time flowers have built up a range of meanings and associations. Some facts about flowers might seem strange to us, but they’ve meant many things to many cultures.

Here are some interesting facts about flowers.
Interesting Facts About Tulips
  • Tulips have long been associated with Holland. At one point tulips were worth more than gold.
  • Red tulips represent love, purple stands for loyalty, but white tulips are often used as a symbol of apology.
  • You can eat tulip petals, and they have the taste of onions or garlic.
  • Tulips only flower for about a week before dying off, but can last a bit longer if cut early and kept in fertilized water.
Interesting Facts About Lilies
  • Lilies are one of the best-known flowers. lilies hold different meanings for different cultures. In Christianity, they represent the Virgin Mary, and therefore symbolise chastity and purity, whereas in Chinese culture they stand for good luck and fortune.
  • White lilies are the only ones that have a scent, and it’s very distinctive.
  • They are known to be very toxic to cats, so keep them out of your garden if you have a feline friend.
  • Lily bulbs can be edible, but only certain species. They’re considered a delicacy in many Asian cultures, but don’t go eating just any Lily bulb. If you do want to try eating them, make sure you source the right variety.
Interesting Facts About Chrysanthemums
  • These came from Chinese culture and were first documented in writing over 2000 years ago.
  • There are many different kinds of Chrysanthemum. The flowers can range from 1cm to 25cm in diameter, and come in a range of different styles.
  • Many look similar to daisies. But other varieties look like pom-poms.
  • Each flower is actually made up many individual flowers. This makes them composites. Another good example is the Sunflower.
  • Chrysanthemums symbolize both happiness and death. Depending on where you are in the world. Many countries in Europe use them in funeral bouquets. in the USA they’re seen as a symbol of positivity.
Interesting Facts About Heather

Although many might not consider heather to be a standard choice. There are plenty of facts about flowers such as heather.

  • Native to many northern European countries. Heather is a crucial source of food for many native species.
  • Heather is increasing in popularity in flower bouquets. They make a perfect addition to many standard arrangements, particularly as a filler.
  • Heather is often used for flavouring food including beer. It is popularly used as a source of honey. It actually imparts a very distinctive taste on the honey.

When it comes to facts about flowers, there are as many as there are species. While this article couldn’t cover them all, it has aimed to provide interesting facts about flowers that you would commonly find in flower arrangements.

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