Flowers have been used in cooking for thousands of years. The choice of flowers varies massively depending on where in the world the recipe comes from. Although it would be impossible to list all the different edible flowers recipes, here are some of the most popular to help get you started on the topic. Do you need some fresh cut flowers for a gift?

Cooking with Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is a widely known treat that people either hate or love. It’s incredibly sweet and its main ingredient is rosewater. So if you choose to make this at home you technically won’t be cooking with flowers, but it’s definitely one of the most famous edible flowers recipes.

Cooking with Rosehip Syrup

Rosehip syrup is a great edible flowers recipe, and is really easy to make. Rosehips are ready to pick around a week after the first frost, and make a tasty syrup with 20 times the amount of vitamin C as oranges! It keeps for months, or years if stored properly, and is perfect in a gin and tonic.

Cooking with Courgette Flowers

Another widely popular ingredient in edible flowers recipes are courgette flowers. They can be prepared in a few different ways, but are often stuffed, battered, and fried. Courgette flowers have a delicate flavour and make excellent little parcels.

Cooking with Camomile

Camomile has long been used as an ingredient in tea, but there are a range of popular edible flowers recipes that contain them. It’s also particularly nice in ice cream, with the texture and temperature working very well with its distinctive flavour. It has a range of health benefits and is inexpensive to buy from health shops.

Cooking with Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums aren’t necessarily an ingredient you’d cook with, but they certainly deserve a place on this list of edible flowers recipes. You can use the leaves in salads, but it’s best to only pick the young ones because the bigger ones are bitter. The flowers make a great garnish for salads, and have a slightly sweet yet mellow taste. Pick them in the morning for the best taste.

Cooking with Elderflowers

Elderflowers are one the best flowers to cook with, and there are a great number of edible flowers recipes with them in. The most well known is as a cordial, but elderflowers are also tasty in ice cream, pickle, pancakes, and much more. They’re a summertime treat that’s really easy to find in hedgerows, so why not go out and pick your own?

Cooking with Pansies and violets

These are popular edible flowers, and are often used as decorations on cakes. Plenty of edible flowers recipes call for them to be candied, which helps preserve their colour and delicate flavour. Have a go at candying your own next time you make a cake.

There are hundreds of edible flowers recipes. These are some of the best if you’re looking to get started in the kitchen. Just make sure that any flowers you use are fresh and clean, as there’s every chance they will have been sprayed during growing. Edible flowers are generally quite easy to buy in supermarkets and specialist shops.