Having flowers at your wedding is one of the oldest traditions associated with the ceremony. Wedding flowers have been used for millennia, usually because they had different meanings, many of which were intended to bring you luck and fortune in your new life. But why are wedding flowers important in the modern age?

They brighten up things

Wedding flowers are an excellent way to bring in colour, and they allow you to be much more daring than you would usually. Many people opt for simple colour schemes for a wedding, much of which will be white or cream, but flowers allow you to bring in pretty much any colour you can think of. Not only that, but they help to add texture, which makes things much more interesting and interactive.

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They add interest

Wedding flowers are also a great way to create interest, and properly set the mood for your big day. A big bouquet of lilies can create an air of elegance, and roses can help to add to the romance. Large centrepieces can also be a talking point as people sit down to their meals, and they’ll be sure to bring in plenty of compliments.

They help to tie things together

One of the best uses of wedding flowers is to tie designs and schemes together. Similarly to how they can create interest and add colour, you can also use these factors to tie things together. For example, your bridesmaids might have one colour dress, and your groomsmen might have a completely different colour scheme. Choosing the right flowers will draw these into unison, and help create a sense of cohesion.

Everyone loves flowers

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This might seem like an obvious point, but everyone loves flowers, and they love flowers even more. Just as flowers can physically brighten up a room, they can also help to lift the mood (which hopefully you won’t need on your wedding day). However, there’s no harm in using wedding flowers to lift the mood and get people excited for the day’s events.

Flowers do still hold their meanings

Getting married with wedding flowers

Wedding flowers still hold a lot of meaning, even if people don’t stick to them as rigidly as they used to in the past. There are plenty of guides available about the full meaning of wedding flowers, so it’s worth looking into these before you decide which will be right for your ceremony. Even if your guests don’t know the exact meaning of these flowers, much of this meaning exists in the cultural mind, and so they’ll get the idea.

Flowers are one of the most important things to bring to your big day, and make all the difference to the atmosphere. Choosing the right wedding flowers can be a difficult decision, but make sure you put plenty of thought into it. After all, this will be your big day, so everything needs to be perfect! Whichever you choose, make sure they suit your colour scheme and mood, and then wait for the compliments to roll in.

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