Over the course of 2 weeks we’ve conducted a short 3-minute survey to determine what the biggest challenges for florists are today. Below we’ve listed a sample of the most reoccurring answers that were given to us.

– Keeping pace with trends, people often want flowers that are not in season. Finding those within the desired timeframe and budget can be incredibly challenging and stressful.

– Trying to make customers understand that “something simple” in a wedding bouquet is just as time consuming and expensive as something large. As they often forget a florist’s time does not come for free.

– The ever changing flower costs, getting a correct quota from supplies in the first try.

– Nowadays every florist must have an online presence. Figuring out the must lucrative and effective areas of advertising without being tacky is in its own, similar to a grand scale science project.

– Negotiating with customers on what’s doable within their budget. They often want superior designs but want to keep a low budget at the same time.

– Getting your clients to think of flowers as something they should have in their house at all times.

In a nutshell, most florists nowadays are struggling to provide value for money to their customers. With social media platforms such as Pinterest, clients often want the impossible. A florist needs to balance being an actual florist with being a photographer, e-commerce specialist, accountant, merchant and sometimes, therapist.

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