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Top 5 Easy to Grow Flowers You Can Plant in Your Garden

Sweat peas:

You can’t deny the fact that this flowers has a really great fragrance and the more you pick the more flowers they produce. Sweet peas seeds are easy to handle, however if sowing seems complicated to you it will be best to purchase sweet pea plug plants. All you need is a sunny spot, a lot of water and a fence that’s really supportive for the plant to flourish. All you need to look out for in your garden is the invasion of slugs and snails as they love to feed on the young shoots.


Sunflowers :

Sunflowers are easy plants for anyone to grow even for kids, the most impressive one is Sunflower Mongolian giant’ which grows about 14 ft tall. All you need to do is sow them into the ground  in a well sheltered and sunny spot for them to grow. A good support is also needed for the stems in other for this beautiful plant to reach their full potential.


Aquilegia :

Aquilegia is another easy to grow plant which you can have in your garden in no time. One thing to note with this one is to start out in a small pots which will then be transplanted later on to reach its full potential. Once you get it right at the beginning , you won’t have to worry about anything as they will happily set seed as-long as the foundation is right. Another thing about Aquilegia is they can tolerate any conditions in semi shade, or sun.



This flower is another easy to grow plant making it a  great choice for anyone to grow. Marigold seeds are easy and quick to grow so you won’t have to wait for ever to have a long colourful flowers in your garden. From small containers to small types of beds  or varieties for your border, this plant will always flourish in any sunny spot.



Cranesbill also known as hardy geranium are reliable and low maintenance flowers, with little or no effort to grow at all. They can be grown from seeds and also bare roots making it even easier to have.


Top 3 Birthday Flowers

We all know the importance of birthdays and what it means to our loved ones. It is a special time where celebrations commence to mark the birth of a person. The only day where everything is about them and how much you cared for them. Birthdays is seen as a time for gifts, joy and also a time to show your loved ones what they mean to you.

Below are top 3 luxury birthday flower bouquets that can make anyone feel extra special on their big day.


Present a family member or a friend with this perfect gift “surprise” on their birthday and they will forever be grateful. This flower is the blend of avalanche roses with lisianthus, combined with a subtle compliment of sugar flair hypericum berries. It is the ultimate birthday gift for a loved one on their birthday.


This luxurious birthday bouquet makes a heartfelt birthday wishes come true. It’s a mixture of fresh peach Germini, peach avalanche roses and miss piggy roses. Present this dazzling fresh bouquet to the birthday boy/girl and make their wish come true.


birthday flowers


If your loved one’s birthday is fast approaching, you should treat them with this luxurious gift they deserve. This third pick “lemon drizzle” takes its name from the blend of lemon carnations and firm white blooms with a good mix of avalanche roses. This is a gift visual beauty and its undiluted fragrance makes it a very special gift on our list.


And a very happy birthday to your loved ones, on this very special week, we hope to speak to you soon

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Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Roses

Myths and Legends Behind the Rose

Valentines is slowly approaching, which means you must be thinking of flowers to get for that special person in your life. This section will talk about our selections of flowers for 2018. Specifically about the iconic rose flower we all know and love.

Lets talk about the symbolic meaning of roses. As we all know there’s two main types of roses, red and white ones.

red rose on card



Red roses typically symbolise love and romance, whereas white roses symbolise marriage, spirituality and new beginnings.

But have you ever wondered how the red rose got to be the flower of love and passion? Well, although there are of course many different tales of how the red rose got its reputation. The story I prefer to believe is the one of Valentine, a Roman Priest serving Claudio III, the Roman empire at that time. Claudio had prohibited young warriors to marry as he believed having no family ties would benefit them in battle.

Priest Valentine rebelled against this by marrying young couples in secret. When the Emperor found out, Valentine was imprisoned an sentenced to death. During his time in prison he fell in love with the prison warden’s daughter.

On the day of his death, he left a note and red rose as a farewell gift to his beloved. Since this day, the red rose became the embodiment of his eternal love and passion, even beyond death.


red rose


The white rose however, is said to be the oldest of the rose family. The legend of the white rose comes from the Ancient Greeks.

Back in those times all roses were white. Until one day, Aphrodite – The Goddess of love and beauty – pricked her finger with one of the roses’ thorns. The blood flowing from her hand turned the rose red. This story indicated the loss of innocence. Which is why the white rose still stands for virginity, purity and new beginnings.

What is it Like Being a Florist


When I get asked about my job as a florist I often get the same response. “Oh your life must be like a romantic fairytale” or something of that sort. In reality, things are often more hectic and comedic than romantic.

In the short amount of time that I’ve been emerged in this business I’ve realised that being a successful florist requires a lot of creative sporadicity, but it also requires you to possess killer listening skills for all the therapy sessions you’ll need to provide your customers with

I’ve also learned that every rose has its thorns. Some are more like razor sharp crocodile teeth, and their only mission in life is to lodge themselves deeply into your already overly abused fingertips. And found out that when the latin name for a certain type of flower is translated to “baby’s urine”. There’s usually a good reason why.

So why do I do it? Simply, because I grew to love it. I subconsciously carry the flowers with me wherever I go. When there’s leftovers at the end of creating a marriage bouquet, I often get lost in the moment. Playing around with the colours, the textures and the smells, is in my humble opinion the most underrated antidepressant in the world.

Creativity is freeing, unless you have a micromanaging client that believes he or she is a florist themselves. Like any artist you get to create one-of-a-kind creations. A world of flowers at your fingertips, colours galore, and they’re all there, lying and waiting for you to bring them together into a masterpiece.

The Biggest Challenges as a Florist

Over the course of 2 weeks we’ve conducted a short 3-minute survey to determine what the biggest challenges for florists are today. Below we’ve listed a sample of the most reoccurring answers that were given to us.

– Keeping pace with trends, people often want flowers that are not in season. Finding those within the desired timeframe and budget can be incredibly challenging and stressful.

– Trying to make customers understand that “something simple” in a wedding bouquet is just as time consuming and expensive as something large. As they often forget a florist’s time does not come for free.

– The ever changing flower costs, getting a correct quota from supplies in the first try.

– Nowadays every florist must have an online presence. Figuring out the must lucrative and effective areas of advertising without being tacky is in its own, similar to a grand scale science project.

– Negotiating with customers on what’s doable within their budget. They often want superior designs but want to keep a low budget at the same time.

– Getting your clients to think of flowers as something they should have in their house at all times.

In a nutshell, most florists nowadays are struggling to provide value for money to their customers. With social media platforms such as Pinterest, clients often want the impossible. A florist needs to balance being an actual florist with being a photographer, e-commerce specialist, accountant, merchant and sometimes, therapist.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know by leaving a comment !

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