Flowers all around the world play a significant role in an individual’s life and hold a different meaning for different people in different circumstances. Flowers are used as a romantic gesture in a romantic relationship, a sign of respect and honour in a formal relationship and a gesture of kindness/prayers when visiting someone sick. Thus, it is not surprising to see that flowers all around the world are one of the most selling goods with high demand during special occasions such as valentine’s day, mother’s day, etc.

Flowers are part of the business now

Flowers which were once simply bought and sold on a physical platform are now traded online as well and delivered across countries which depict the value and significance of flowers’ in human life. Likewise, London the capital and largest city in the UK, hosts a big market of flowers; both physically and virtually, i.e. online.

What makes flowers so special?

For instance, sunflowers florist have a unique selling point of aesthetically wrapped, fashioned bouquets consisting of seasonal blooms and rare flowers which adds to the speciality and uniqueness of the bouquet. The business also makes specialised pairing such as flowers and candles, flowers and chocolate or flowers and presents. When something as unique and beautiful as flowers are differentiated, it brings out the true aesthetics and appreciation of nature.

flowers in london at kew gardens

Variety? Yeah Sure!

Lastly, London is a pretty green country which grows a wide variety of flowers. One can cherish their springtime to the max if they know where to look for which flowers in London. For instance, Camellias are grown around March and best found in Chiswick gardens, Crocuses and Cherry Blossom in Kew gardens are best seen at the beginning of March. Likewise, Daffodils are best seen in St James’s Park (one of the longest existing parks of London), Magnolia around Kenwood house and St Mary Le strand. In April, Bluebells are found in Osterley Park, Tulips are mainly found around Buckingham Palace. In May, Wisteria is spotted around Hampstead Heath Pergola and Azalea & Rhododendrons in Victorian Woodland.

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