If you’ve ever been stuck for a last-minute present it’s likely that you’ve run into your local supermarket and picked up a bouquet of their finest flowers. However, is this really the best place to be getting your flowers, particularly if you’ve got someone special to buy for? Here are the main differences for florist vs. supermarket flowers.

Florists know their business

As with any industry, it surely makes sense to go to an expert, right? Florists work specifically with flowers and so they can give you any relevant advice you need. Get bouquet ideas and most florist offer delivery for bigger bouquets. Sure, you might pay a bit more money, but it’s worth it for the knowledge and expertise. A florist is trained to know their industry. It makes sense to take advantage of this knowledge when you need it.

Florist flowers will generally be better quality

The main argument for florist vs. supermarket flowers is the difference in quality, and the increase in choice. A supermarket has what’s on display, and aside from big holidays, this choice will remain reasonably consistent throughout the year. With a florist, many will try to keep things seasonal. You will have access to a much greater range of flowers. One of the best features is that if they don’t have what you’re looking for. many florists will order it in for you.

Florist flowers last longer

Another benefit of this improved quality is that the flowers last longer. Sure, if you were to take florist vs. supermarket flowers it’s likely that they would both last a reasonable amount of time, but the advantage of visiting a florist is that they can advise you on the best aftercare for that specific bouquet. With the right care, you should be able to get a few weeks out of a healthy flower arrangement. Considering you’ll probably be paying a fair sum, it’s best to get your money’s worth.

Supermarkets are more convenient

Another major factor in the debate on florist vs. supermarket flowers is that going to a supermarket is generally more convenient. After all, there are plenty of other reasons to visit a supermarket, but generally only one reason to visit a florist. However, if you’re planning on getting someone a bouquet and have plenty of notice. Make the effort to visit a florist instead, the quality of service and product is bound to be much higher. If you’re getting something for that special someone, then it makes sense to splash out.


If you’re considering the benefits of florist vs. supermarket flowers, then there are very few reasons why you should favour a supermarket over a florist. The main reason, of course, is convenience, but if you’ve got plenty of notice then take the time to visit your local florist. One of the other major things to consider is that a florist is much more likely to be a small, independent business, whereas supermarkets are large multi-national companies that would benefit much less from your flower money.