There’s possibly no better time for flowers than the spring. The season has been associated with rebirth and growth for millennia, and flowers are the perfect symbol of this. Of course, flowers are an excellent way to liven up your home, and to firmly say goodbye to winter. Here is a list of the best spring flowers that are bound to brighten up your home.


Daffodils are the king of spring flowers, and their bright yellow flowers brighten up a room in a way few others can. Plus, they’re probably one of the most prevalent spring flowers, and grow in abundance across the UK. If you decide to pick wild ones, cut them off near the base so the bulb can grow again next year.

Wild garlic

Wild garlic flowers are particularly beautiful, and have a lovely scent (if you like garlic of course). They’re surprisingly common in some parts of the UK, and come out in early spring. The leaves and flowers are completely edible, so even if you don’t want to decorate your home with them, you can make a lovely salad instead!

Hyacinth spring flowers


Hyacinths are another archetypal spring flower, and their blooms smell amazing. However, you’re best to grow them in a pot rather than picking the flowers, so be sure to plant them in the winter if you want them ready for spring. They only bloom for a few weeks too, but make the most of it while they’re out.


Bluebells are one of the most easily recognisable spring flowers, and seeing them sprouting in the woodland is a sure sign that winter is over. If you decide to pick some, use them as an addition to an arrangement, rather than the centrepiece. Their small size makes them perfect for adding accents of colour to an otherwise neutral bouquet.

Iris spring flowers


Irises have been the symbol of the monarchy across Europe for hundreds of years, and so bring a sense of the regal to your home. Their deep blue/purple colour, with highlights of yellow, make them the perfect addition to almost any arrangement. Again, if you do pick them, make sure the bulbs are left in the ground so they can grow again next year.


Alliums are closely related to garlic, and are part of the same family as leeks. They are ideal as spring flowers because they have vibrant hues and make excellent ornamental flowers thanks to their interesting shape. Your best bet is to grow them in your garden and then pick when you want, as you’re unlikely to find alliums growing wild in the UK.

Spring flowers come in a wide range of colours and looks, but regardless of which species you choose, they will be a great way to blow away the cobwebs of winter. Nothing says changing of the seasons like a fresh floral arrangement gracing your table. Just remember, if you decide to pick wild spring flowers, do so in a sustainable way.