Myths and Legends Behind the Rose

Valentines is slowly approaching, which means you must be thinking of flowers to get for that special person in your life. This section will talk about our selections of flowers for 2018. Specifically about the iconic rose flower we all know and love.

Lets talk about the symbolic meaning of roses. As we all know there’s two main types of roses, red and white ones.

red rose on card



Red roses typically symbolise love and romance, whereas white roses symbolise marriage, spirituality and new beginnings.

But have you ever wondered how the red rose got to be the flower of love and passion? Well, although there are of course many different tales of how the red rose got its reputation. The story I prefer to believe is the one of Valentine, a Roman Priest serving Claudio III, the Roman empire at that time. Claudio had prohibited young warriors to marry as he believed having no family ties would benefit them in battle.

Priest Valentine rebelled against this by marrying young couples in secret. When the Emperor found out, Valentine was imprisoned an sentenced to death. During his time in prison he fell in love with the prison warden’s daughter.

On the day of his death, he left a note and red rose as a farewell gift to his beloved. Since this day, the red rose became the embodiment of his eternal love and passion, even beyond death.


red rose


The white rose however, is said to be the oldest of the rose family. The legend of the white rose comes from the Ancient Greeks.

Back in those times all roses were white. Until one day, Aphrodite – The Goddess of love and beauty – pricked her finger with one of the roses’ thorns. The blood flowing from her hand turned the rose red. This story indicated the loss of innocence. Which is why the white rose still stands for virginity, purity and new beginnings.