Springtime is the most beautiful time of the year for floral enthusiasts worldwide. With a breathtaking gradient of colour, from coral to yellow to red and purple. The fields in springtime are definitely a sight for sore eyes.

We’ve compiled a list with our top 3 of the earliest bloomers this spring. Have you spotted any of these yet?


The earliest bloomer is without a doubt the beautiful wild Primrose. During mild winters these bright yellow flowers can appear as early as December. They usually are in full blossom around February, letting us know that the wait for spring to arrive is nearly over.


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to travel around the British countryside around this time of year, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the iconic image of a grassland filled with a blanket of golden Daffodils. their beauty has even inspired poets such as William Wordsworth. They can be spotted as early as late February but are usually in full bloom around mid March.

Purple orchid:

When the early days of April come around we can start spotting the absolutely stunning Purple Orchid. Not only does this flower brighten up the meadows, it gives off a truly amazing scent. Unfortunately due to modern day farming, this beautiful flower is becoming less and less abundant and can now only be spotted along roadsides or meadows.

We definitely can’t wait for the weather to improve so we can go out and admire these beautiful floral landscapes this spring.

What’s your all time favourite spring flower?