We’ve gone ahead and done something spectacular for our digital store. It was long overdue for us but we’ve finally created given our wonderful website a complete overhaul. Many of you, like us, will be feeling very nostalgic after using our previous website for so long but we’re sure you will all love the new website just as much.

Why a New Website

First and foremost we are aiming to improve the digital experience for all of our customers, that means you! We’ve addressed some issues that have cropped up over the years with our old website. Our customers wanted something simpler and easier to navigate so that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’ve also got some new products and pictures to show, so we decided to overhaul the digital experience all together. But fear not! We’re still the same Sunflowers you know and love. The lines are always working and the products are always selling.

So welcome to our new Sunflorist Website.
Don’t Forget our App

We’ve also got a handy app for your android or iOS for all your flower needs. Go ahead and click the icons to download our app now.