Sweat peas:

You can’t deny the fact that this flowers has a really great fragrance and the more you pick the more flowers they produce. Sweet peas seeds are easy to handle, however if sowing seems complicated to you it will be best to purchase sweet pea plug plants. All you need is a sunny spot, a lot of water and a fence that’s really supportive for the plant to flourish. All you need to look out for in your garden is the invasion of slugs and snails as they love to feed on the young shoots.


Sunflowers :

Sunflowers are easy plants for anyone to grow even for kids, the most impressive one is Sunflower Mongolian giant’ which grows about 14 ft tall. All you need to do is sow them into the ground  in a well sheltered and sunny spot for them to grow. A good support is also needed for the stems in other for this beautiful plant to reach their full potential.


Aquilegia :

Aquilegia is another easy to grow plant which you can have in your garden in no time. One thing to note with this one is to start out in a small pots which will then be transplanted later on to reach its full potential. Once you get it right at the beginning , you won’t have to worry about anything as they will happily set seed as-long as the foundation is right. Another thing about Aquilegia is they can tolerate any conditions in semi shade, or sun.



This flower is another easy to grow plant making it a  great choice for anyone to grow. Marigold seeds are easy and quick to grow so you won’t have to wait for ever to have a long colourful flowers in your garden. From small containers to small types of beds  or varieties for your border, this plant will always flourish in any sunny spot.



Cranesbill also known as hardy geranium are reliable and low maintenance flowers, with little or no effort to grow at all. They can be grown from seeds and also bare roots making it even easier to have.