Since experiencing is the new believing, catch Sunflower florist in the upcoming flower festival at St. Lawrence.  In the event, we will be showcasing the extensive range of quality flower and plant of broad species. What a splendid way to see the beauty of the bloom with your own eyes, don’t you think? The flowers festival is a great opportunity for us to showcase to you the value and scent of a good-quality flower. Besides, we believe it will be a splendid educating experience for you as well where you’ll be learning a lot about the broad range of flower species.

Major Highlights of the St. Lawrence Flowers Festival

Flower festival is something that you really don’t want to miss. The spectacular beauty of the leaves, stem, and the charming fragrance is capable to astonish and at the end of the day, you’ll leave with an indelible impression. The key highlights of the St. Lawrence Flowers Festival are:

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  • It’s a 3-day event starting from 15 June to 17 June
  • You’ll see the best selling flowers the Mother Nature has to offer
  • The local artwork will be displayed inside the church
  • A light refreshment is also arranged

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A good-looking flower is a pictorial of peace, love, beauty, happiness, and one cannot deny its existence to express the feeling. By becoming a part of this festival, you gain a privilege to see the exquisiteness of the blossom with your own eyes. Confirm your booking today..!!