The wonderful warm weather is coming to our beautiful island and at Sunflowers we are looking forward to the new arrangements available to us with the new seasons flowers. We have four seasons in the year, although sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, with different flowers preferring their respective seasons. Though there are some exceptions that love all the seasons and will bloom in any weather, others will only shine when the time is right for them.

At this time of year, our garden is buzzing with life, thriving with our new and aged plants and flowers as the new season approaches. Of course, at Sunflowers, every season is flower season.

But as the air starts to get warm and the British Summer approaches, we see the island light up in beautiful colour and happiness. Love fills the air and the people become happier and more joyful. Friendliness spreads and love blossoms like the flowers. When love is in the air like this, it can only mean one thing: Weddings. So we’ve grown a garden full of beautiful blooms for every conceivable wedding theme and colour palette. With over a decades worth of experience in events, weddings, parties, celebrations etc. We are very well versed in which flowers to pick and why. We’re always available for a consultation and advice, just email us here.

Flower season also means something else. Something seemingly more sinister but absolutely necessary for your garden and our ecosystem. Bees!

Sunflowers Garden Tip: When you’re plant’s start flowering, having bees around will help to pollinate and cross pollinate them. You can attract bees with flowers, even flowers in vases you got from us!

A little about bees in your garden.

Believe it or not, bees are responsible for one in three bites of food that you eat. They are literally that important to us, we cannot survive without the work they do. At Sunflowers we are passionate about the environment and nature so we do encourage that everybody does their part to help. If you don’t grow plants, or think that you can’t, think again! Even a small yogurt pot is enough to produce a full bunch of cress. Everyone can join in.

When you consider what you want to grow in the garden this year, be it vegetables, fruit or flowers, always remember to use wildlife friendly growing kits and fertilisers. If you have any extra space, look for the ‘Bee Friendly’ symbol and grow any of those flowers. Let’s all work together to give a little back to the insects that give so much to us.